What Is Sk8 Therapy?

Sk8 Therapy is Adelaide’s original skateboarder owned and operated skateboard school our youth work style  private coaching, workshops, mentoring programs and events where created to assist young people by using the sport of skateboarding to build on important skills needed to achieve success in life, community and skateboarding. Providing a non-judgemental, positive, fun and safe environment allows all participants to flourish at their own pace.

Skateboarding is a highly physical sport built around achieving success from a person’s resilience and persistence through failure. In our programs, your child will learn the basic to advanced skills to safely participate in the sport of skateboarding. Sk8 Therapy’s tailored programs help encourage its participants to build life skills such as self-esteem, creativity, individuality, persistence, resilience, and social engagement. Sk8 Therapy encourages participants from all backgrounds, male and female.

Sk8 Therapy and all its clinics, programs and events work within the guidelines set by Australian Skateboard Community Initiative (ASCI), Australian Skateboard Federation (ASF) and local councils to ensure the best outcomes for all involved while ensuring the future of the sport of Skateboarding in South Australia/ Australia.

All sessions are conducted in a child focused safe environment with Senior First Aid, Working with Children and ASF coaching/ facilitator accredited staff.